Resistivity Surveying: A New Form Of Geoscience Technology

When conducting a resistivity survey there is quite a bit involved. Modern uses of this are computer programs that scan the earth beneath us. This helps scientists around the world to discover deeper than we have before.

How does it Work?
Resistivity meter takes electrodes and sends them into the ground. The electricity goes through the earth and then measures the resistance. It is then computed into the computer program, where the results are analyzed. The levels of resistance all have different colors that then show up on the screen. This information can tell a scientist a lot about their surroundings and what’s buried beneath its surface.

Who Can use it?
Geoscientists use a resistivity survey that will paint them a general picture for what is inside the earth. Geologists will use this to help them discover the age of an area in a way that doesn’t destroy the soil. Another example is anthropologists; the point is to preserve the history underneath the ground. For anthropologists they must decide if an area is an ideal place to excavate. They will use resistivity surveying to locate where not to dig, or where to find artifacts.

Why do We use it?
We know that there are five basic layers of the earth. For us to learn more about our world scientists need to find a safer way to get information from under the earth. Some sites may have mass amounts of water underneath and digging that might destroy information or delay research due to flooding. Understanding more about our world is important. This type of surveying will help scientists discover our world underneath. When we work to understand what is underneath we find out our past. This is important in our search to find out where we came from. This helps to predicting the probabilities of disasters occurring and even reoccurring weather patterns.

Having the technology of a resistivity survey has techniques that are new methods referred to as Geo Vision. The specialists of this technology are called GeoVision geophysicists. The name comes from the ability to see the geography beneath the earth. This is a very extreme and new possibility. People can have in a way xray vision. This is huge news for long time geologists where a resistivity survey will help immensely in this area of work.

This field has progressed to the point where they are able to quickly form two dimensional images with the data received on site. This is one of newest tools that are being utilized to help explain our own earth.

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