History Of Linux And Unix

Linux is a reimplementation and elaboration of UNIX. It conforms to the POSIX standard that runs on several hardware platforms and is compatible with most existing Unix software. It differs from most other variants of UNIX as it is free, open source and co operatively developed with contributions having come from thousands of different individuals and organizations. Linux incorporates technical refinements that didnot exist in the original versions of Unix, so it is more than just a Unix clone. It is legally distinct entity and cannot be properly be refered to a “UNIX”.

FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD have ardent followers of their own. These operating systems are generally comparable to Linux in their features and reliable, although they enjoy somewhat less support from third party software vendors. Thanks largely to the GNU projects as most of the important software that gives UNIX systems their value has been developed under some form of open source model. The same code runs on both Linux and non Linux systems. The Apache web server for example doesnot really care whether its running on Linux or HP-UX. From the standpoint of applications Linux is simply one of the best supported varieties of Unix.

UNIX and Linux systems have been used in production enviroments for many years. Linux originated in 1991 as personal project of Linux Torvalds. He originally conceived the project as a modest offshoot of Minix, a model operating system written by Andrew S Tanenbaum. However Linux generated substantial interest in the world at large and the kernel soon took on a life of its own. By exploiting the power of cooperative development , Linux was able to tackle a much more ambitious agenda. Kernel version 1.0 was released in 1994 , the most stable version of the Linux kernel is 2.6.17. Most of the process work much similar to each other.The Linux booting process have lot of similartiy with Unix.

Because Linux owes much to its Unix ancestors its not quite fair to locate the dawn of the Linux era in 1991. The history of Unix goes back several decades to 1969 when Unix originated as a research project at AT&T Bell Labs. In 1976 Unix was made available at no charge to universities and thus became the basis of many operating systems classes and academic research projects. Most other versions of Unix are the descendants of the original AT&T lineage.

Eddison Sherry had been working in Linux and other Unix flavours for long years. He had been writing blogs and article on the Linux Storage , Kernel Tuning, Linux Server Administration , CPU usage etc.

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