Bringing Chess To Everybody – The Evolution Of Staunton Chess

There are many different styles of chess but Staunton chess has turned out to be the standard. This really refers to the Staunton chess pieces which were redesigned and named after a famous English chess master. He was the considered the world’s best chess player during the mid 1800s. Staunton is responsible for beginning chess by correspondence as he said you could play chess using telegraph and he also ran the first organized international chess tournament. His work within the chess industry turned England into a leader for world chess.

He is also well known for developing opening moves in the chess game. The opening move is important as this is the start of your game strategy and the most common move is to move the pawn directly in front of the king 2 spaces forward. If you want to develop your opening move then studying the games of the great chess masters and reading their books on chess can help. Staunton himself wrote several books about chess.

It is important to keep in mind that no matter what kind of chess you play the strategy is important and is set up in order to reach long term goals. So the move you plan right now will be used to create an outcome several moves in the future. It can take a lot of time to develop your own strategy and it requires a lot of concentration and mental skill.

The Staunton chess set was designed so that everyone knew what the pieces were and they could be easily used. Previously there were many different styles of chess that used different chess pieces and not everyone was familiar with the different pieces and their rules.

Staunton chess pieces all has a wide base so it was less likely or the pieces to tip over. The queens are all a little smaller than the kings, pawns are the shorted and are topped with a ball, a western style mitre is used for the Bishop, Rooks have crenelated battlements, kings are the tallest of the pieces with a neck and head of a horse.

If the piece is to depict a human then there is a collar that is used to separate the head piece form the body. These chess pieces are also much less decorative then previous pieces which make them easier and less costly to create.

This set was eventually used by the World Chess federation for all of its tournaments in the 1900s. But when it first came out Staunton endorsed them heavily as he autographed the sets and even offered a free copy of his book, the Chess Player’s Handbook.

Staunton perhaps was the first celebrity endorsement as he recommended these Staunton chess pieces a lot. However the Staunton chess pieces were not very popular at first as it was not until 1913 that the World chess federation choose them as the standard chess set to use in tournaments. The very first orders of these Staunton chess pieces also came with the Chess Player’s Handbook, written by Staunton. Of any style of chess today Staunton chess is played widely.

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