Daily Archive: Saturday, April 22, 2017

Extrinsic Motivation – What are the Pros and Cons?

It’s all about the grades—that’s the motto of my friend Rica. No I am not exaggerating here. She spends the longest hours studying what’s like the most mind-numbing novels just to be exempted for the finals in our English literature class. When all our neurons have given up on a Calculus problem, Rica will waste

The Joy Of Boating

Listening to the sounds of the water flowing as your boat cruising on the lake or any water surfaces in the world can be truly enjoying. It is just like the sounds of nature especially when you listen to the water splashing along the sides of your boat. To certain people, this enjoyment represents lots

WordPress Tips, Tricks, And Helpful Advice To Get Started

Power comes from knowledge. This has a lot of truth in it, and it can’t be more important in managing a website. This article is for you if you see more WordPress information. The following article has basic tips you can implement today. Be sure to use these tips. If you plan to use WordPress