Daily Archive: Sunday, February 19, 2017

ATHEROSCLEROSIS – A Known Etiology Leading To a Fatal Condition

Atherosclerosis is a potentially serious condition where arteries become clogged by fatty substances, such as cholesterol. These substances are called plaques or atheromas (NHS, 2013). The plaque further hardens and narrows the walls of the arteries, resulting in potentially dangerous conditions such as:* Decreased blood flow to the organs and thus improper functioning of the

Synthetic antibiotic developed by Sask. researchers to combat drug-resistant bacteria – Saskatchewan

A synthetic antibiotic which could be used to treat drug-resistant bacteria such as the one responsible for staph infections has been created by a team of Saskatchewan-based researchers.  The research team is made up of researchers from the University of Regina and University of Saskatchewan. They recently published a joint paper in the journal Scientific Reports. The study states

Lorenzo Romar says Huskies haven’t quit despite 9-game losing streak

Following 76-68 loss to No. 5 Arizona, Lorenzo Romar says: ‘We competed and we tried to play the right way. That’s all we ask for. Just hate to see us not get rewarded with that type of effort.’ By Seattle Times staff reporter Here are a few quotes from Lorenzo Romar’s postgame interview following Washington’s